Monday, 20 November 2017

17 Dec (Sun): FREE workshop just for youths on marine outreach!

This FREE workshop just for YOUths is organised by youths. It focuses on motivating you to break out of your shell to care for the marine environment!
Whether you’re completely new to marine issues and looking for inspiration or someone already working on this but looking for fresh new ideas and partners, this workshop is for you! The Workshop is a great way to meet like-minded youths and get to know some youths already active in the marine community.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

An explosion of ideas and inspiration at the first IYOR 2018 Workshop

About 50 people from the marine community came together for The Leafmonkey Workshop's Workshop on Singapore Celebrates our Shores 2018!
Singapore Celebrates our Shores Workshop, 14 Oct 2017
So many new ideas, so many new friends, great energy and excitement for International Year of the Reef 2018! With generous support from the amazing Singapore Maritime Gallery of the Maritime and Port Authority.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

14 Oct (Sat): FREE Workshop on Singapore Celebrates Our Shores 2018

Getting excited for International Year of the Reef 2018?? So are we!!

If you are passionate about Singapore's shores AND are ready to share and discuss ideas for celebrating International Year of the Reef 2018, join us at The Leafmonkey Workshop: Singapore Celebrates Our Shores 2018!

This workshop is organised in collaboration with the Singapore Maritime Gallery by the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA), and will be conducted by the amazing folks from The Leafmonkey Workshop.


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Internships for our shores (Aug 2017 to Mar 2019)

The Singapore marine community plans to celebrate International Year of the Reef 2018, with year-round activities to celebrate and speak for the amazing shores we have in Singapore! From mangroves to seagrasses, rocky shores to reefs.
Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative monthly walk, Feb 2017
Why are internships being offered as part of Singapore Celebrates our Shores? How do I apply? and more!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Singapore celebrates our shores in 2018

Singapore has amazing reefs! And seagrass meadows and mangroves and other marine ecosystems too!
Living reefs of Sentosa Serapong
Amazing reefs of Sentosa opposite container terminals
and next to artificial seawalls!
The marine community hopes to celebrate and share these during International Year of the Reef  2018! From mangroves to seagrasses, rocky shores to reefs.

All are welcome to participate in Singapore Celebrates our Shores for International Year of the Reef 2018!

Get updates via this blog or on our Singapore Celebrates our shores 2018 facebook page.

Meanwhile, for the latest marine happenings, check on out the marine action blogs listed on the side panel.